I’m a software engineer out of MIT, and this is an unfunded personal hobby site.

I’m interested in greatly improved descriptive content for K-graduate science and engineering education. The stories we tell about the physical world.

My aim is to help shift views on how excellent descriptive content might become. By clarifying and maturing some speculation, creating intriguing examples, and helping to set up education folks to do exploratory research.

This work has been on my “back burner” for some 15 years now. I keep hoping it will become obsolete. For there’s been a lot of progress in science education research, and the pace is quickening. But not quite yet. And it would be sad, to be yet another decade out, looking back, and saying “oops, still not yet”. So… this site is my nudge at the issue for the early 201x’s.


2012 ClarifyScience.info
2002 How Big Are Things?
1997 A View from the Back of the Envelope


This site would not exist but for the support, interest and enthusiasm of a great many MIT students, professors, and visitors, over many conversations and several years. It’s been a blast.

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Mitchell N Charity <mncharity@vendian.org>

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Charity, Mitchell N. ClarifyScience.info. May 2012. Web. date of access. <http://www.ClarifyScience.info/>

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CC-BY credits

A green open access logo was derived from this one on Wikipedia. Originally from PLOS. I changed the color to green, and made the background transparent.

The site favicon is water_pencil, from the Fugue Icons, by Yusuke Kamiyamane (CC-BY, retrieved 2012-04).

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