Estimation is widely taught, K-graduate. But current best practice has some crippling gaps. But easily fixed ones. Beyond them, appears an opportunity for rough quantitative understanding to pervade content and learning.

Teaching size/scale has long been thought of great potential. And is widespread, primary-graudate. But also pervasively unsuccessful. There's little incentive to improve, as subsequent content does not depend on it. What if scale were a pervasive part of descriptive content?

Understanding deep time is critical for evolution and biology. Yet the teaching of time is surprisingly immature, with neglected high-value low-hanging fruit. Let's pick some.

Explore & illustrate extreme content.
What if our objective was the best descriptive content possible, limited only by the current state of scientific research. Regardless of cost. What might it look like? How much of an improvement might it be? It's not clear. But it seems worth exploring, in case the improvement justifies the extreme cost of creation.

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